Class A Member of the PGA of America

A native of Montauk, Eric began playing golf at Montauk Downs State Park at the age of eight and quickly fell in love with the game.  He attended East Hampton High School, where he played on the varsity golf team all four years, and attended Brevard College on a golf scholarship. In 2001, Eric returned to Montauk and started his professional golf career at Montauk Downs and in 2008. He became a Class A PGA Member, and was named Director of Instruction at Montauk Downs.  Eric continued his employment at Poxabogue Golf Center in 2010, serving as Director of Instruction at Poxabogue and working through 2015.

Erics enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the game of golf creates a welcoming atmosphere at EKS GOLF LLC for golfers of all ages and skill levels.


Other golf simulators can not match the unprecedented feeling of being there and the accuracy of a High Definition Golf™ Simulator. That is because no other simulator incorporates our revolutionary, proprietary software and Computer Vision Technology.

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